Undergraduate Student Conference Presentation Reimbursement

UROP supports undergraduate students by providing reimbursement funding to assist them with expenses associated with presenting their research or project at professional conferences or events.

UROP will provide reimbursement of up to $350 of the costs of undergraduate students who are the primary presenter of a paper or poster at a professional conference; or are a performer or exhibitor at a refereed event. Awards will be made until funds have been exhausted.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for an award from UROP, an undergraduate student must:

  1. Be in good academic standing.
  2. Be registered for at least six credit hours of academic work at the time of travel, except if travel is during the Spring/Summer semester if which case the student must be registered for at least six credits the following Fall semester.
  3. Not have received another conference presentation award from UROP in the current fiscal year (10/1 - 9/30).
  4. Be the primary presenter at a professional conference; or a performer/exhibitor at a refereed or juried event.

To apply:

Application forms must be submitted to UROP@wayne.edu, at least three weeks prior to the departure date. Retroactive funding will not be considered.

Applications must include the following information:

  1. A completed application form, including the signatures of the faculty supporter and the departmental administrative person who will process your reimbursement.
  2. An abstract or copy of the paper to be presented, or other appropriate documentation.
  3. A copy of the program with the paper or presentation highlighted or evidence of acceptance to the conference or event.

NOTE: Only one student will be supported for each presentation.

Applications will be reviewed by UROP. The amount of each award cannot exceed the actual cost incurred.

Reimbursement policy:

All receipts, including itemized food receipts, must be submitted for reimbursement to occur. Reimbursement will be in accordance with the University Travel Policy. All receipts must be submitted within 15 days of return from travel.

For more information, please email urop@wayne.edu or call 577-9226.